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Agriculture 2/64 Entries
Climate change 16/64 Entries
Ecological forecasting 2/64 Entries
Education 1/64 Entries
Funding 13/64 Entries
Graduate Student Opportunity 1/64 Entries
Grasslands 2/64 Entries
Honors 7/64 Entries
KUERG 39/64 Entries
KU Field Station 1/64 Entries
Land cover 2/64 Entries
Nutrient cycling 9/64 Entries
Post-doctoral Opportunity 1/64 Entries
Prairie 2/64 Entries
Presentations 13/64 Entries
Publications 9/64 Entries
Research 16/64 Entries
Rivers 3/64 Entries
Soil erosion 6/64 Entries
Watersheds 2/64 Entries


Kyungjin (KJ) Min, a Ph.D. student with Dr. Sharon Billings, received a scholarship from the Association of Women in the Geosciences.
Dr. Sharon Billings, Dr. Kate Buckeridge, Kyungjin Min, and Julia Yang all attended the 2013 AGU meeting in San Francisco.
Sharon Billings is part of a newly-funded effort to help establish a new Critical Zone Observatory at the Calhoun Experimental Forest in South Carolina, USA. A team of investigators at multiple universities, including KU, and lead by Duke University's Dr. Daniel Richter has been awarded a five-year grant to investigate ...
The new, NSF-funded greenhouse complex at the KUFS is now complete! Investigators are beginning to apply to use the new facility. It is comprised of a fully climate-controlled greenhouse, a three-season greenhouse, and a headhouse. The facility's construction provides a means for investigators to develop experiments in a more controlled ...
Dr. Kate Buckeridge has joined Sharon Billings' lab as a post-doctoral researcher. She is investigating the influence of climate change on soil nitrogen cycling.
Dr. Christoph Lehmeier takes post-doctoral position in Sheffield, UK plant science laboratory.
Kathy Roccaforte, Ph.D. student working with Bryan Foster, has received word that she has won an award from Prairie Biotic Research to further supplement her research on plant-pollinator networks. The award will provide funding for her project titled “Investigating the Impacts of Land Use Intensification and Restoration Efforts on the ...
David Hall and Kathy Roccaforte, Ph.D. students working with Bryan Foster, have each received notice that their research proposals have been chosen for a $1,000 J. E. Weaver Grant from The Nature Conservancy.
Christoph Lehmeier, Kyungjin Min, and Sharon Billings attended the AGU annual meeting in San Francisco to present their work in December 2012.
SOM5, the 5th meeting of the Soil Organic Matter conference, was held in Ascona, Switzerland from 7-11 October 2012.