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Agriculture 2/70 Entries
Climate change 19/70 Entries
Ecological forecasting 2/70 Entries
Education 1/70 Entries
Funding 13/70 Entries
Graduate Student Opportunity 1/70 Entries
Grasslands 2/70 Entries
Honors 7/70 Entries
KUERG 41/70 Entries
KU Field Station 1/70 Entries
Land cover 2/70 Entries
Nutrient cycling 9/70 Entries
Post-doctoral Opportunity 1/70 Entries
Prairie 2/70 Entries
Presentations 13/70 Entries
Publications 9/70 Entries
Research 16/70 Entries
Rivers 3/70 Entries
Soil erosion 6/70 Entries
Watersheds 2/70 Entries


Congratulations to Alexis Reed for receiving a three-year fellowship from the KU NSF IGERT program C-CHANGE (Climate Change, Humans, and Nature in the Global Environment).

Alexis Reed (co-author Sharon Billings) contributes a poster at the annual Ecological Society of America meeting in Albuquerque, NM, on "Stable isotope evidence of oak (Quercus rubra) susceptibility to disturbance events."

Congratulations to Sharon Billings (co-PI) for receiving funding from NSF's Chemical Instrumentation program for "Purchase of a Cyber-enhanced Regional 500 MHz Solid-State NMR Spectrometer" with Drs. Joseph Heppert (lead PI), Eric Munson, Gary Meints, and Jeffrey White.

Jianwei Li and Sharon Billings travel to Newfoundland, Canada, to collect samples for the Climate Transect project, in collaboration with Dr. Susan Ziegler of Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Canadian Forest Service.

Congratulations to Lisa Tiemann and Sharon Billings for receiving a NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, "Beyond the black box: Understanding the relationship between microbial community structure and function under environmental stress and disturbance."

Lisa Tiemann (co-author Sharon Billings) contributes an oral presentation at the Soil Ecology Society Conference in Burlington, VT on "Soil moisture disturbance influences microbial community function and structure with impacts on soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics."

Sharon Billings travels to the 2nd annual Long-Term Soil Experiments workshop in North and South Carolina to present "Carbon fluxes too long ignored: Using the Calhoun to assess erosion's influence on atmospheric CO2."

Ryan Behrens joins the Ballantyne lab as a technician

Patrick Dermyer begins work as a programmer in the Ballantyne lab

Jianwei Li travels to the 2nd annual Long-Term Soil Experiments workshop in North and South Carolina to share his data from his dissertation work at the Calhoun Experimental Forest."