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Agriculture 2/70 Entries
Climate change 19/70 Entries
Ecological forecasting 2/70 Entries
Education 1/70 Entries
Funding 13/70 Entries
Graduate Student Opportunity 1/70 Entries
Grasslands 2/70 Entries
Honors 7/70 Entries
KUERG 41/70 Entries
KU Field Station 1/70 Entries
Land cover 2/70 Entries
Nutrient cycling 9/70 Entries
Post-doctoral Opportunity 1/70 Entries
Prairie 2/70 Entries
Presentations 13/70 Entries
Publications 9/70 Entries
Research 16/70 Entries
Rivers 3/70 Entries
Soil erosion 6/70 Entries
Watersheds 2/70 Entries


Collaborators Christine Goedhart and Dr. Diane Pataki (UC Irvine) and co-author Sharon Billings publish "Seasonal variations in plant nitrogen relations and photosynthesis along a grassland to shrubland gradient in Owens Valley, California" in Plant and Soil.

Dr. Jianwei Li joins Sharon Billings' lab as a post-doctoral researcher working in the boreal forests of western Newfoundland and Labrador.

Sharon Billings and former KU Ph.D. student Heather York publish "Stable isotope analysis of
diet in the short-tailed fruit bats (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae: Carollia)" in Journal of

Sharon Billings receives funding from the Humber River Basin Project, with matching funds from the Canadian Forest Service and Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Forestry funds, for "Soil Carbon Dynamics with Climate Change in Boreal Forests of Newfoundland and Labrador."

Congratulations to Alexis Reed for receiving a KU Botany Endowment Fund grant for her work on "Stable isotope evidence of oak (Quercus rubra) susceptibility to disturbance events."

Sharon Billings and co-author Susan Ziegler present a poster on "Enhanced turnover and slower formation of "stable" pools of soil organic C in forest soils with elevated CO2" at the North American Carbon Program Investigators' meeting, San Diego, CA.

Lisa Tiemann and Sharon Billings present "Soil moisture availability and variability dictate soil organic carbon and nitrogen dynamics in Kansas grasslands" at the NSF EPSCoR Ecoforecasting annual symposium, Lawrence, KS.

Alexis Reed and Sharon Billings present "Patterns of tree growth and tree-ring stable isotopes across a precipitation gradient in the Midwest" at the NSF EPSCoR Ecoforecasting annual symposium, Lawrence, KS.

Congratulations to Lisa Tiemann for receiving a three-year NSF fellowship from the Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) Program.

Congratulations to Alexis Reed for receiving a Kansas Academy of Sciences grant for her work on "Oak survival at the prairie/forest ecotone with climate change: ring-width chronologies and stable isotope evidence of drought responses."