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Aquatic Ecology 2/14 Projects
Eddy Covariance 2/14 Projects
Global Change Biology 8/14 Projects
Microbial Ecology 3/14 Projects
Modeling 5/14 Projects
Nutrient Dynamics 3/14 Projects
Remote Sensing 1/14 Projects

Eddy Covariance Research Projects

Vegetation and Moisture Heterogeneity as Influences on Mass and Energy Fluxes and Lower Boundary Layer Turbulence

In this project we are using a large eddy simulation model under "real" conditions in which I force the model with satellite imagery coupled with a land-surface model. In order ...

Date September 2009 - present
Location Statewide
Contact Nate Brunsell

Regional Impacts of Global Climate Change

We are using global climate models to ascertain the local impacts of climate change in the central United States. We do this by coupling GCM output with regional climate models ...

Date August 2009 - present
Location Central US
Contact Nate Brunsell