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Aquatic Ecology 2/14 Projects
Eddy Covariance 2/14 Projects
Global Change Biology 8/14 Projects
Microbial Ecology 3/14 Projects
Modeling 5/14 Projects
Nutrient Dynamics 3/14 Projects
Remote Sensing 1/14 Projects

Global Change Biology Research Projects

Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Microbial Activity with Elevated CO2 and Altered N Availability in a Pine Forest

Past funding provided the opportunity to explore how soil microbial groups alter their activity levels with elevated CO2 and altered nitrogen availability, in conjunction with Dr. Susan Ziegler at Memorial ...

Date July 2009 - present
Location North America
Contact Sharon Billings

Eco-forecasting in the Great Plains

Date January 2006 - present
Location Great Plains
Contact Sharon Billings