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Aquatic Ecology 2/14 Projects
Eddy Covariance 2/14 Projects
Global Change Biology 8/14 Projects
Microbial Ecology 3/14 Projects
Modeling 5/14 Projects
Nutrient Dynamics 3/14 Projects
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Nutrient Dynamics Research Projects

Temperature Sensitivity of Substrate Decomposition from Enzymes to Microbial Communities

This project explores how the stoichiometry of available resources, activation energies of substrate decay, and adaptive microbial physiology influence the temperature responses of substrate decay. We also are exploring how ...

Date August 2010 - present
Location Northeast Kansas
Contact Sharon Billings

The Biogeochemistry of Soil Nitrogen Cycling with Changing Precipitation Regimes

Current climate models predict that the Central Plains of North America will likely experience similar rainfall amounts with climate change, with longer dry periods and more intense events. Little is ...

Date September 2009 - present
Location Central Plains
Contact Sharon Billings

Linking Whole Ecosystem Stoichiometry to Individual-level Nutrient Dynamics

The availability of nitrogen (N) and/or phosphorus (P) constrains primary production in most ecosystems worldwide. As a consequence, the fluxes of N and P through ecosystems are tightly linked. Thus, ...

Date September 2009 - present
Location International
Contact Ford Ballantyne

Soil Organic Matter Processing with Warming in the Moist Boreal Forests of Eastern Canada

Understanding how the vast reservoir of soil organic carbon in boreal systems will respond to warming is critical for predicting future climate. As the boreal forests of eastern North America ...

Date September 2009 - present
Location Eastern Canada
Contact Sharon Billings

Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Microbial Activity with Elevated CO2 and Altered N Availability in a Pine Forest

Past funding provided the opportunity to explore how soil microbial groups alter their activity levels with elevated CO2 and altered nitrogen availability, in conjunction with Dr. Susan Ziegler at Memorial ...

Date July 2009 - present
Location North America
Contact Sharon Billings

Soil Carbon Dynamics with Climate Change in Boreal Forests of Newfoundland and Labrador

Date January 2008 - present
Location University of Kansas, Canada
Contact Sharon Billings