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Billings Stable Isotopes Project
Date July 2009 - present
Location North America
Contact Sharon Billings

Stable Isotopes of Carbon and Oxygen as Indicators of Tree Response to Climate


Assessing δ13C and δ18O of tree-rings in co-occurring species and relating these parameters to known environmental conditions can tell us much about variation between species in their response to climate. We are working to understand how northern red oak and bur oak, two species common along the western edge of eastern deciduous forests in North America, vary in their carbon and water dynamics with moisture stress. We hope to develop an understanding of how these two species will function in a warmer climate, particularly because climate models predict greater variability in moisture stress in the ecotonal region between tallgrass prairie and eastern forests of North America.


Sharon Billings

Sharon Billings

PI, KU Ecosystems Research Group