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Brunsell energy flux sm
Date September 2009 - present
Location Statewide
Contact Nate Brunsell

Vegetation and Moisture Heterogeneity as Influences on Mass and Energy Fluxes and Lower Boundary Layer Turbulence


In this project we are using a large eddy simulation model under "real" conditions in which I force the model with satellite imagery coupled with a land-surface model. In order to investigate the impact of different scales of surface heterogeneity, I use wavelets to band-pass filter the surface fields and then run the LES over the different surfaces and with different wind speed profiles. This results in a number of different simulations that I can use to ascertain the impacts of mixing and turbulence on fluxes and turbulence in the boundary layer.


Nate Brunsell

Nate Brunsell

PI, Department of Geography